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news Walter Gaberthόel, EFIAP, PPSA Switzerland


 Walter Gaberthüel, EFIAP, PPSA

Switzerland 1948: Walter Gaberthüel meets his first light.
In his youth, he is an engaged and skilful athlete but photography will very soon become his most favourite activity.
In 1980 he makes his debut with sports pictures: they are created, according to critics, with innovating plasticity and quietness. He achieves many triumphs since his first participation to national and international photography contests.
A discreet, tenacious, scrupulous man of Central European culture and a master of his own, he improves his sensations and views in a comparative mood with the great photography masters of our time. He achieves his artistic ability tackling with infrared landscape pictures. Italy, since 1992 his second homeland, offers him a natural universe to be transfigured in dreamlike and lyric visions.
Winner of the most prestigious palmares: medals, diplomas, tokens, he arouses interest in the world of press photography with more than 1500 pictures shown in magazines, books, photo manuals, exhibitions and museums.  
Starting with the Eccellence EFIAP award in 1990, he has received since all the highest photo amateurs qualifications and awards, in the year 2000 he has won for Italy the World Cup for black and white photos and in 2001 he has repeated this great achievement with the Italian Team and also as Best Artist for coloured photos. Hereby are listed some of his exhibitions, personal and with other fellow artists, organized in Italy and abroad:
1990   Bern (Switzerland)
1991   Thun, Kehrsatz (Switzerland); Pergola, Castelleone di Suasa (Italy)
1996   Albano Laziale, Gubbio, Chieti (Italy); Bern (Switzerland);
1997   Rome, Gubbio, Sulmona, Val Concei (Italy); Pakistan;
1998   Thun (Switzerland); Chieti, Catania, Imperia, Senigallia, Rovereto, Albano Laziale (Italy);
1999   Catania, Grammichele, Città S. Angelo, Cava de’Tirreni, Cadenzano (Italy);
2000   Munsingen (Switzerland);
2001   Zagreb (Croatia); Lucca, Pergola (Italy)
2002   Brescia, Serra S. Quirico, Sassoferrato (Italy); Tubice (Belgium)
2003   Oftringen (Switzerland); Ieper (Belgium); Sassoferrato (Italy);
2004      Goirle (Netherlands), Latina (Italy); Limours (France)
2005      Heraklion, Athen (Greece), Mezzalago, Bezzecca (Italy)
2006      Amsterdam (Netherlands), La Gacilly (France), Tilburg (NL), Pisa (Italy)
2007      Mouscron (Belgium), Acireale, Lucca
2008      Münsingen (CH), Monterolo, Zürich (CH)
2009      Valverde
In all these occasions he has met outstanding success before critics and public.
As a man and artist, he particularly likes to deepen his experiences so as to get the very best expressions from his feelings to be transferred to his own works. With such a spirit he has taken part in several workshops (with Masters such as Mario de Biasi, René Burri, Ferdinando Scianna, Frank Dituri, Lynn Saville, Jill Hartley etc.), at the same time, other fellow photographers turn to Walter Gaberthüel for inspiration and skill.
Many of his works, manly landscapes and sport events, have been published in Switzerland, Germany and Italy thus, he has achieved such a success to enable him to publish his first book of black and white photos under the title of “Views and Visions” with lyrics by Timur Lenk in Italian, English and German.
According to one of his esteemers, this man alone on the race track, so fascinated by Latinity has no intention to slow down his pace. Walter Gaberthüel, master of photography, is firmly determined to carry out a classic Latin motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger).